MEDPRO™ Portable Suction Phlegm Machine

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MEDPRO Portable Suction Phlegm Machine is specially designed for absorbing thick liquid such as blood, phlegm etc. It can be used as an aspirator in hospitals and at home as a health care product.


• High negative pressure, large flux, low noise. A brand new mechanism design with a suction bottle hidden inside and square negative pressure meter crust completely made of plastic. This design not only reduces the working noise but also makes it more fashionable and precise

• It adopts advanced overflow-protection design, which can prevent pus and mucus from leaking into the machine

• Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry especially suitable for emergency and outdoor use

Product Specifications

Voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz

Power Consumption:  90 W

Maximum Negative Pressure: ≥0.075 MPa

Negative Pressure Range: 0.02 MPa to Max negative pressure

Pump Rate: 15L/min

Liquid Holder Capacity: 1000ml

Noise: ≤65 dB

Continuous Working Time: 0-30 min

Rest Time: 30min

Bottle volume: 1000 ml


1 x Soft Tube (2m long, 2mm thick, 12mm in diameter),

2 x Suction Tube (1 for Adults 12Fg, 1 for Children 8Fg, 55cm per pc)

2 x Fuse (1.5A & 3A)

2 x Filters

Gross Weight: 6kg

Volume: 34.5 x 26 x 28.5cm

Certifications: ISO13485 & CE

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