BOKANG™ Non-Mercury Sphygmomanometer / Blood Pressure Set for Clinical Setting

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  1. Trademark: BOKANG is the trademark, registered in 25 countries.

  2. Certifications: Approved by CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and USA FDA, indicating compliance with international quality and safety standards.

  3. Type: Standard Adult Sized Nylon Sphygmomanometer.

  4. Components: Comes complete with a Standard Adult Velcro Cuff, Bulb, and Valve.

  5. Measurement Unit: Measured in mmHg.

  6. Minimal Scale: LCD Display column (Non-mercury) with a numerical display of 1mmHg.

  7. Measurement Method: Blood pressure measured using a stethoscope.

  8. Measurement Scope: Range of 0-300mmHg for blood pressure measurements.

  9. Accuracy: +/- 3mmHg accuracy for precise and reliable readings.

  10. Pulse Rate: Pulse rate measured in the range of 30-200 beats per minute with an accuracy of +/-5%.

  11. Pressurization and Depressurization:

    • Manual pressurization using the bulb.
    • Manual depressurization using the air release valve.
  12. Power Supply: Can be powered by 4.5V USB charge or 3 AA batteries.

  13. Weight: Weighs 700g, making it relatively lightweight and portable.

  14. Quality: High-quality construction suitable for clinical hospital settings.

This BOKANG™ Non-Mercury Sphygmomanometer is equipped with features that make it suitable for clinical hospital settings, including its certifications, measurement accuracy, and power options. The inclusion of both USB charge and battery options adds to its versatility.


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