Anti-Slip Adhesive Rubber Pad for Shoe Soles (1 Pair, 2 Pcs)

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• Anti-Slip Sole Replacement - Prevent the risk of falling on slippery surfaces
• Protect and prolong the wear of your favorite shoes
• Used to repair worn out soles for longer shoe life.
• Huge piece - Easily cut to your desired size.
• Strong Adhesive - Peel off backing paper, align the pad on the sole and press it       hard to secure. You can also use the shoe glue (included) if necessary.
• Rubber pad can also be used to add extra lift and cushion for the entire length of the shoe sole.

Item: Anti-Slip Adhesive Rubber Pad for Shoe Soles
Material: Rubber
Color: White / Black
Thickness: ~3.2mm
Dimensions: 26cm x 9.9cm
Application: Anti-Slip Sole, Shoe Sole Repair, Shoe Protection

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