KCP Wypall X60 Quarter Fold Wipers 28cm X 35cm

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“All WYPALL* X Wipers are made from our patented HYDROKNIT*
material which is comprised of soft, absorbent cellulose fibres and
strong polypropylene non-woven fabric. The cellulose component
allows these wiping cloths to absorb water quickly and effectively,
while the tear-resistant polypropylene fabric soaks up more than
its own weight in oil and grease. The result is a durable and
absorbent wiper, which can be used wet or dry. 


-Made from HYDROKNIT fast absorbing material
-Strong wiper construction ensures longer lasting performance, maintaining strength wet or dry
-Single-use, highly absorbent wiper minimises the risk of cross-contamination
-Extremely soft and gentle in texture; especially when wet, making the wiper suitable as a personal wash cloth
-Versatile and economical, delivering a balance between performance and value
-No adhesives or binders, leaves nothing behind
-Efficient and hygienic dispensing systems allow easy access to wipers for immediate use, while ensuring that individual wipers are hygienically dispensed
-Quarter Fold format

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