MEDPRO™ High Quality Cooling Gel Mattress Topper [For Single, Queen & King Size Beds]

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  • COOLER BODY TEMPERATURE WHILE YOU SLEEP – Perfect for Singapore weather, for a good night sleep! Place this gel mattress topper under your fitted sheet, and the gel will absorb your body heat and radiate the heat out. Utilizing the theory of thermodynamic equilibrium, this pad will help keep your body temperature down to the surrounding room temperature all night long.
  • GREAT FOR LIGHT SLEEPERS – One major advantage to this cooling gel topper is that it does not use electricity and is silent. Great for light sleepers and those who like a quiet room and are even bothered by the quietest air conditioners.
  • ENJOY YOUR MEMORY FOAM WITHOUT THE HEAT – A chief complaint of memory foam mattress owners is how hot the sleepers get because of how much body heat memory foam retains. Adding a cooling gel to memory foam can only do so much. Don’t double down on a memory foam cooling pad when the memory foam is what is retaining the heat in the first place! Enjoy your memory foam mattress by using this cooling gel mattress topper without sacrificing the comfort of the mattress!
  • FOR BEST RESULTS, COMBINE WITH A COOLING BEDROOM SYSTEM – Combine this cooling mattress pad with cooling sheets, air conditioning, and a cooling blanket to beat the heat. When used in a cooling bedroom system, this cooling mattress pad will drastically help reduce your body heat and help you sleep better
  • IDEAL FOR USE IN ALL SEASONS - One side is Gel (for use during summer/fall), other side is Velvet (for use during winter/spring)
General Use Home Furniture
Feature Foldable, Cooling, Removable
Type Foam
Name Gel Mattress Topper
Material Foam, Gel, Polyester
Function Cooling, Comfortable
Color Blue
Thickness 1.5cm
Size 3 Sizes Available


Package Includes:
1 x Mattress Topper

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