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[Health Gift Bundle B] Deluxe Home Recovery Kit for Holistic Wellness: For Covid Positive Patients

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MEDPRO™ Deluxe Home Recovery Kit is specially curated for the holistic wellness of Covid-positive patients for speedy recovery. Be well protected with multivitamins, covid-19 essentials and wellness snacks in your recovery process. Great as a gift to care for Covid-positive patients.

Box size: 30cm x 20xm x 11cm

Items include:

*Snack items (1-6) may be subjected to change based on availability and seasonal flavors.

1. Lady Sophia granola 270g
2. Heritage farm instant oat 500g
3. NATURE'S WONDERS Fruits & Nuts fusion 130g
4. Meiji Dark Chocolate bar 50g
5. Green tea bags (20s) 40g
6. Ginger Tea bags (2s) 36g
7. Surgical Masks (10pcs)
8. Walch Hand Sanitizer 250ml
9. Alcohol Pads (100s)
10. Latex gloves (10s)
11. Lifebuoy hand wash 200ml
12. Oral thermometer
13. Eye mask
14. Disinfectant spray Walch 450ml
15. OCEAN HEALTH Multivitamin & Minerals 60s (suitable for Vegetarians)
16. Teddy Bear

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