MEDPRO™ Adjustable Ankle Support Brace Wrap for Ankle Injury Support

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  • One size fits both feet to protect the ankle and minimize the risk of injury

  • Adjustable compression with velcro strap, perfect for chronic and acute ankle injury symptoms. Helps relieve pain and provides comfort related to plantar fasciitis

  • Open heel design allows a wide range of motion during activity and still provides support for the ankle tendons and joints

  • Breathable neoprene material retains heat and prevents skin irritation

  • Comfortable, flexible, durable, and washable

  • Speed up the healing phase, as it provides just enough and needed support for the ankle and foot through compression on the tendons where you need it the most

Material: Neoprene
Size: Free Size
Colour: Black
Washable: Yes
Suitable for both Left and Right Leg

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