MEDPRO™ Adjustable Back Support Straps Waist Trimmer with Pulley System for Relief of Back Pain

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  • ACTIVE PAIN RELIEF - This support belt is designed for recovering athletes or people suffering from lower back pain

  • ADJUSTABLE DUAL-PULLEY SYSTEM - Provides compression and stabilization, reducing pressure on your spine by shifting some of the load to your abdomen and improving your posture

  • SWEAT-WICKING EXERCISE BRACE - Lightweight, breathable nylon mesh design allows greater airflow and mobility for activities like golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, running, lifting, fishing, and more.

  • WORKS FOR A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS - Helps with injuries including spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and general low back or hip pain.

Material: Polyester & Nylon

  • S:21.5*90 (30-35inch)
  • M:21.5*100  (35-40inch)
  • L:21.5*110  (40-45inch)
  • XL:21.5*120  (45-50inch)
  • XXL:21.5*130  (50-55inch)

Colour: Black
Washable: Yes

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