MEDPRO™ 3 Ply 50Pcs Disposable Surgical Mask or 4Ply 25pcs Surgical Mask (BFE 95%, PFE 95% Medical Grade)

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  • 3PLY MASK Are Manufactured in Pakistan = 50pcs/box.
  • 4PLY MASK Are Manufactured in Vietnam = 25pcs/ box. We carry a few different brands of Vietnam Mask as we worked with different factories to supply 4ply masks during this period. Kindly note 4ply masks are kept in the same 3ply mask Medpro Boxes due to Covid Situation previously where factories were unable to manufacture. 
All Mask are medical grade;
  1. Moderate to High Fluid Resistance: 80mmHg
  2. Filtration Efficiency: BFE>95%, PFE >95% @ 0.1micron
  3. Breathability-Delta P <4.0mm H20/cm2
  4. Hypoallergenic

Price is still on the slightly higher side as we got the supplies during the Beginning of the Covid period in 2020 where there was high demand and low supply.

Over 50,000 MEDPRO boxes sold in Singapore and exported to the USA, UK, France, Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, Netherland, Hong Kong, and China. 


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