Molnlycke Biogel Pi Biogel PI Sterile Polyisoprene Surgical Glove Size 7.0 50pairs [Ref: 40970]

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Biogel PI

Synthetic (non-latex) polyisoprene surgical glove for demanding surgeries

Biogel® PI is a thick and durable yet comfortable, synthetic surgical glove with the unique Biogel coating making it easy to don, even with damp hands. Biogel PI provides the same great fit, feel and comfort as Biogel natural rubber latex.

Biogel PI is recommended for all surgical procedures especially the more demanding ones and surgeries where latex allergies are a concern for the patients or clinicians. It can be used alone or as part of the Biogel Puncture Indication System together with the Biogel PI Indicator® Underglove.

  • Same fit, feel and comfort as natural rubber latex
  • Proven to detect up to 97% of punctures
  • A Puncture Indication System with clear, fast and large perforation indication  
  • A clinical study shows non-Biogel gloves are 3.5 times more likely to fail than Biogel gloves. 
  • Every glove (100%) is air-inflation tested for holes and visually inspected for quality before dispatch

How to use Biogel PI

Watch these helpful videos on the correct techniques for donning double-gloves. You can see the different donning methods for using open donning, or closed donning – either with cuffs extended over hands, or cuffs in the hands. You can also learn how to change a contaminated glove while scrubbed.

Assisted technique and how to change a contaminated glove

See detailed instructions for how to perform assisted donning with double-gloves, using the simple plunge method. This video also shows how to change a contaminated glove while you’re still scrubbed.

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