Molnlycke Biogel Super-Sensitive Size 9.0 (40pairs/Box)

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Biogel® Super-Sensitive

Natural rubber latex surgical glove

Biogel® Super-Sensitive is a surgical glove made from natural rubber latex. It offers excellent barrier
protection as well as fit, feel and comfort. Biogel Super-Sensitive is designed with a texture surface
and enhanced grip and made thinner than our regular latex surgical gloves, for surgeries that require
extra tactile sensitivity. Biogel Super-Sensitive can be worn alone or in combination with a Biogel®
Indicator® Underglove to create a Puncture Indicator System proven to provide Best-in-Class
perforation detection.

Material information
• Natural rubber latex
• Biogel hydrogel polymer coating
• Straight finger and textured surface
• Beaded cuff
• Powder-free

Recommended use
Recommended for a variety of surgical procedures particularly when extra grip and tactile sensitivity is needed and when latex allergy is not a concern for patients or clinicians. We recommend it to be worn with a Biogel Indicator Underglove for improved protection and excellent tactile sensitivity while double-gloving.

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