Classic Universal with Head Support Body Sling (Solid Polyester) for Hoist

Classic Universal with Head Support Body Sling (Solid Polyester) for Hoist

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Slings are the most important component of any hoist system, they are the point of
contact and interface between the user and the hoist. The correct selection of sling is
paramount in providing a safe, dignified and comfortable transfer.

Our high quality range offers a variety of designs and materials to allow comfortable moving and handling.

All of our slings have a colour coded loop system to make positioning, and connection to a hoist, as simple as possible. This system offers a range of adjustments to meet the specific needs of the user.

Selecting the correct type of sling depends on the physical characteristics of the user, such as height and weight, whether the user has trunk control or needs head and/or leg support.

Additional factors to consider are:
• Type of transfer - from which position is the individual going from and to.
• Individual’s medical condition - for example their functional and sitting ability.
• Comfort - consider chronic pain, perhaps medical attachments.
• The hoist and spreader bar - ensure that the sling can be used and fitted correctly to the equipment.

Our universal all-purpose sling offers a 'FastFit' application with padded leg support for additional comfort during transfers.

✓ Multipurpose sling with integral head support
✓ For individuals who require head/neck support and maintains an upright sitting position during transfers. 
✓ Colour coded edges so that you can easily determine its size:- Blue = Extra Large, Green = Large, Yellow = Medium, Red = Small.
✓ Colour coded positional loops to offer different seating positions
✓ Comes with padded legs for optimum comfort. The padded legs are fitted with nylon inserts to stop the legs from bunching.
✓ Equipped with positioning handles to assist the carer to position and apply the sling to the user.
✓ Solid polyester material - robust yet smooth, it has low friction which makes the sling easy to apply and remove.
✓ Maximum user weight limit of our sling range is 200 kg (up to XL). *Thorough risk assessment required.

Sling Sizing Guide:
How to Measure Sling Size

Taking the Measurements
Using a soft measuring tape take and record the measurements as below.

For men and children, this is the measurement around the chest measured just under the arms or for women around the hips, this measurement can be done lying down or in a seated position.

For accuracy this is best carried out with the patient in a lying position, if measured in sections i.e. nape of the neck to coccyx and coccyx to back of knee etc, the resulting measurements almost always end up with the patient being taller than they actually are.

Once the girth and height are known, look to the chart for the sling size that closely matches the measurement taken.

Please Note: This is a guide only.

Chest Girth Height Sling Size Colour Weight Capacity
27" - 36"
68cm - 91cm
4'3" - 4'11"
129cm - 150cm
Small Red 200kg
31” - 41”
79cm - 104cm
4´ 10”-  5´ 6”
147cm - 168cm
Medium Yellow 200kg
40” - 51”
102cm -129cm
5´ 5” -  5´ 10”
165cm -  178cm
Large Green 200kg
49" - 59"
124cm - 150cm
5'7" - 6'
170cm - 183cm
X-Large Blue 200kg

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