Polypropylene Disposable Tie On Nurse / Surgical Cap Tie-On 100pcs/pack

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Disposable Tie-On Surgical Cap is made of spun-bond polypropylene and ensures maximum comfort. Ties in the back for a secure, customized fit. Unique design assures optimal coverage and comfort.

Surgical caps prevent contamination of the operating field from microorganisms that originate in the personnel's hair or scalps. They also prevent the surgeons and personnel from being contaminated by potentially infectious substances.

Ideal for various surgical environments. Can be used by surgeons, nurses, physicians, and other workers involved in inpatient care in hospitals. Especially for designed for use by surgeons and other operating room personnel.

A surgical cap is a necessary piece of personal protective clothing for any clinic, hospital, laboratory, or exam room. These headcovers cover your hair maintaining proper hygiene safety and preventing contamination of the operating field.

Designed to fit the various needs of healthcare personnel. They are put on in the scrub room before entering the operating theatre and then later removed in the scrub.

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