Invacare 5Litres Perfecto2 Oxygen Concentrator

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Package includes Sterile Water + Humidifier Bottle + Nasal Cannula


The Invacare® Perfecto2™ V oxygen concentrator is an economical addition to the premier Invacare stationary concentrator line. This 5-liter concentrator is small, quiet and lightweight and comes standard with the Invacare® SensO2® Oxygen Sensor. The Perfecto2 V unit incorporates many of the best features of the Invacare® Perfecto2™
Concentrator, including its contemporary, patient preferred external design and color.

✓ Top handle for ease of mobility
✓ The quick-access door (for BOTH inlet and outlet filters)
 Low flow alarm
✓ Diagnostics memory
✓ Humidifier adapter storage
✓ Quiet operation
✓ Easy servicing
✓ Service parts compatibility
✓ HomeFill II compatibility (HFC)
✓ Alarms and safety systems
✓ Battery-free power-loss alarm, compressor 35 psi pressure-relief valve
✓ Pressure-based system
✓ Self-diagnostic electronics minimize troubleshooting time
✓ One-piece hood for durability
✓ Simplified PM schedule
✓ Superior life cycle costs
✓ Neutral color help to blend into any home environment
✓ User-friendly design with easy to see the control panel, humidifier bottle holder and filter access


Oxygen Flow 5 LPM
Flow Range 0.5 - 5LPM
Maximum Outlet Pressure 5 +/- 0.5 PSI
Pressure Relief Mechanism 35 PSI +/- 5 PSI
Oxygen Purity 95.6% - 87%
At All Flow Rates
Filter Cabinet Compressor Inlet Outlet HEPA
Electrical Requirement 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Rated Current Input 3.0A
Average Power Consumption 325W @ 5 LPM
Sound Level 45 db(A)
Altitude 8000 ft.
Dimension (HxWxD) 23"x15"x11.5"
Weight 18kg (40 lbs.)
Shipping Weight

20kg (45 lbs.)

Limited warranty 3 years

(no hour limit on the compressor)

Inclusive of 1-time on-site basic servicing within 1 year from the date of purchase.

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