Invacare Propad Mattress Overlay (Blue)

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High specification pressure redistributing overlay
The Propad Overlay is designed to be placed on top of an existing conventional mattress, providing a high level of patient comfort with excellent pressure redistribution abilities. The overlay is lightweight, suitable for those considered at ‘High Risk’* of developing pressure ulcers, making it ideal for the homecare environment.

Effective Pressure Ulcer Prevention
The foam core has independent, geometrically-cut surface cells which help to reduce shear and friction, whilst increasing the overall support surface area, thereby reducing peak pressure.

Even Weight Distribution
The Propad Overlay has larger, more supportive cells at the centre and smaller cells at each end, enabling the mattress overlay to achieve even weight distribution by conforming to the shape and form of the body and to cradle bony prominences.

Cover helps to alleviate shear and friction forces
Cover is multi-stretch, water resistant and vapour-permeable.
A white underside makes it easy to inspect to assist with infection control.

Covers have an anti-slip base
Ensures safe use of the Propad Overlay and helps to prevent slippage, reducing the risk of falls.

Suitable for:
- For those considered at ‘High Risk’* of developing pressure ulcers
- Effective pressure ulcer prevention


183 x 87.6 x 8.5 cm
(72"x34.4"x 3.4")
Weight: 5.5kg
Max User Weight: 108kg (238 lbs)
Max Cleaning Temperature: 80°

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