MEDPRO™ Reusable Washable Laminated Incontinence Bed Pad for Patients/ Elderly/ Children

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MEDPRO™ Reusable Washable Bed Pad helps promote dryness, healthy skin and odor control with 4 layers protection to keep you mattresses and sheets clean!

4 Layer Protection

  • 1st Layer: Top Fabric
  • 2nd Layer: 200GSM Soaker
  • 3rd Layer: Waterproof TPU
  • 4th Layer: Fabric


  • Heavy absorbency bed pads with 4-layer protection, keeps bed dry and clean all night long.
  • Soft material for optimal comfort, suitable for sensitive skin. Heavy absorbency middle layer, nice sewing core, absorbs fluid quickly.
  • Reusable and machine washable
  • Both sides of pad are absorbent, hence can be used interchangeably.  


• Outer: Polyester 100%

• Absorbent Layer: Polyester 95%, Rayon 5%

• Liner: 100% Polyurethane

Absorbency: 500ml Liquid/m2

Age Group: Seniors, Adults, Expectant Mothers, Children

Anti-Leak: Leak Guard

Usage: Hospital, Home 

Size: 80 x 60cm /

90 x 140cm

Colors Available:

• White + Light Blue

• Green + Light Blue


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