MEDPRO™ Alloy Pen-Torch with Pupil & Ruler Gauge (5 Colors!)

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CE Approved for Eye Medical Examination

  1. Power Source: Powered by replaceable batteries (2 x AAA). Note that the batteries are not provided.

  2. LED Light: Presents warm yellow light for optimal eye comfort during medical use, particularly suitable for examinations.

  3. Laser Engraved Pupil Gauge: Displays a pupil gauge measuring 2mm-9mm, providing a convenient reference for eye examinations.

  4. Laser Engraved Ruler Gauge: Includes a ruler gauge measuring 0cm-5cm, offering a convenient reference for measurements during examinations.

  5. Battery Saving Feature: The device can be turned On/Off by pressing down on the toggle switch, helping to conserve battery power.

  6. Color Options: Available in 5 colors, providing users with options for personal preferences or identification purposes.

  7. Ideal Users: Designed as a CE Approved Medical Pen-torch or Pen-light suitable for use by doctors, nurses, and optometrists.

This pen-torch is versatile and user-friendly, with features such as replaceable batteries, warm yellow LED light for eye comfort, engraved gauges for precise measurements, a battery-saving toggle switch, and multiple color options.

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