MEDPRO™ Dual Light USB Pen-Torch with Pupil & Ruler Gauge

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MEDPRO™ Dual Light USB Pen-Torch with Pupil & Ruler Gauge

  1. CE Approved for Eye Medical Examination: The device is certified for conducting eye medical examinations, ensuring compliance with European Union standards.

  2. Power Source: USB operated, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and offering convenient recharging.

  3. Dual Light Functionality: Equipped with both Low Lumen Soft Yellow LED light bulbs for optimal eye comfort and High Lumen Bright White LED light bulbs for effective illumination during examinations.

  4. Laser Engraved Pupil Gauge: Displays a pupil gauge measuring 2mm-9mm, providing a convenient reference for eye examinations.

  5. Laser Engraved Ruler Gauge: Includes a ruler gauge measuring 0cm-5cm, offering a convenient reference for measurements during examinations.

  6. Easy Switch: One-button operation for toggling between light sources. Swiping up activates the Bright White light, and swiping down activates the Soft Yellow light.

  7. Battery Saving Feature: The device can be turned On/Off by pressing down on the toggle switch, helping to conserve battery power.

  8. Ideal Users: Designed as a CE Approved Medical Pen-torch or Pen-light suitable for use by doctors, nurses, and optometrists.

This Dual Light Pen-Torch appears to be a versatile and advanced medical tool, offering dual light options, easy switching between warm and white light sources, and it is USB rechargeable.

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