MEDPRO™ Nurse Bundle: USB PenTorch + Nurse Brooch Watch (Choice of 4 colours) + Nursing Scissors with Clip Holder + Dual-Head Stethoscope + Aneroid Blood Pressure Set / Sphygmomanometer

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Item 1: MEDPRO™ Alloy Pen-Torch with Pupil & Ruler Gauge

  • CE Approved for Eye Medical Examination
  • Replaceable battery (2x AAA batteries)
  • LED presents warm yellow light for best eye comfort (Medical use)
  • Pupil Gauge measuring 2mm-9mm for convenient referencing
  • Ruler Gauge measuring 0cm-5cm for convenient referencing
  • Saves battery: On/Off by pressing down on the toggle switch
  • One single pen colour: Cool Black
  • CE Approved Medical Pen-torch / Pen-light for Doctors/Nurses/Optometrist

Item 2: MEDPRO™ Stainless Steel Nursing Scissors with Pocket Clip Holder

  • 5½” Nursing Scissors 
  • Polished Stainless Steel (Anti-rust feature)
  • Sharp & blunt edge for patient and self-safety
  • High-quality pocket-fit clip holder to scrub suit!
Item 3: MEDPRO™ Silicon Luminous (Glow-in-the-dark) Nurse Brooch Watch
  • Waterproof with silicon cover
  • Battery provided
  • Adjustable time knob
  • Accurate analogue quartz movement
  • Clear, luminous watch face (Good for Nurses' on night shift)
  • Ultra-lightweight with compact design: 28g/pc
  • Size: 8.8cm (L), 1.4cm (W), 4.1cm (D)
  • 4 Colors Available

Item 4: MEDPRO™ Matte Black Dual-Head Stethoscope

TheMEDPRO™ Dual Head Stethoscope helps isolate subtle sounds so you can hear changes in your patients in critical and challenging environments.

  • Better Audibility of high-frequency sounds help you learn more about your patient's condition
  • Single-Piece Tunable Diaphragms let you hear high and low-frequency sounds on both the adult and pediatric sides of the chest piece
  • Versatile Adult and Pediatric 2-sided chest piece
  • Next-Generation Longer-Life Tubing. 22" Y-configuration & latex free
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or phthalate plasticizers


  • High acoustic sensitivity
  • Dual single-piece tunable diaphragms (pressure sensitive)
  • Versatile adult and pediatric two-sided chest piece
  • Small-side diaphragm prevents debris in open bell
  • Snap-tight soft-sealing ear tips
  • Next-generation longer-life tubing

Item 5: MEDPRO™ Accurate Aneroid Sphygmomanometer / Manual Blood Pressure Set

  • Washable
  • Standard adult size nylon aneroid sphygmomanometer
  • Features: Latex-free, nylon cuff, index and range markings, artery indicator mark, gauge holder, standard inflation bulb and air release valve
  • Cuff Range: 10"-16"
  • Accuracy Level: 5 Year Calibration


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