MEDPRO™ Soft Foam Orthopedic Cervical Neck Support Brace for Moderate Neck Pain

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A cervical collar is used to support and protect your neck and spinal cord. These types of collars are typically used for the treatment of neck injuries, neck surgeries, and some instances of neck pain.

Cervical collars come in soft and hard varieties. This soft type of neck collar is often used for moderate neck pain, while the hard collar is typically used for severe neck pain, spinal fractures, and injuries.


- Cervical arthritis
- Neck sprains and muscle spasms
- Poor positioning and incorrect posture

Material: Soft Sponge and Velcro
Washable: Yes
Colour: White
Net Weight: 0.11kg
Size:  1) Medium 51cm    2) Large 56cm

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