MEDPRO™ Protractor Goniometer 6" & 12" | Medical Ruler

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Protractor Goniometers are widely used in hospitals to measure the range of motion in a patient's joints. It has a head with 360 degrees of coverage in 1-degree increments to ensure ISOM accuracy. Measurements in inches and centimetres are also available on the arm of the goniometer.

Key Features:

  1. 360 Degrees of Coverage: Our Protractor Goniometer provides a full 360 degrees of coverage in 1-degree increments. This comprehensive range ensures accurate measurements of joint motion.

  2. Dual Measurement Units: The goniometer is equipped with measurements in both inches and centimeters. This dual-unit functionality provides versatility for healthcare practitioners who may prefer one unit of measurement over the other.

  3. ISOM Accuracy: The head of the goniometer is designed to adhere to International Standards of Measurement (ISOM), ensuring consistent and reliable readings.

  4. Durable Construction: Crafted from Lexan Solid Plastic, our goniometer is built to withstand the demands of clinical use.

  5. Two Length Options: Available in both 6" and 12" lengths, our goniometer provides options for various clinical scenarios. The clear markings on the arm of the goniometer make readings easy and ensure clarity in assessing joint angles.

Versatile Applications:

  • Widely used in hospitals and healthcare settings for assessing joint range of motion.
  • Suitable for orthopedic examinations, physical therapy sessions, and rehabilitation programs.

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