Molnlycke BARRIER Adhesive Aperture Drape (REF: 906540/906542/906693)

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Molnlycke BARRIER Aperture Drapes

A wide range of impermeable drapes with a variety of apertures designed to meet different surgical needs

BARRIER® aperture drapes are available in a range of sizes and aperture shapes designed for different surgical needs. You can choose centred or off-centre aperture positions and non-adhesive or adhesive versions that are easy to fix in place. We also offer variable aperture drapes which can be adjusted to different procedures for maximum flexibility.

Our aperture drapes are absorbing all over and completely impermeable to support infection control.

  • Variety of aperture shapes and sizes to suit different procedures
  • Impermeable materials help prevent microbial transfer 
  • Absorption over the entire surface
  • Folded and packaged for easy, aseptic application by one person 
  • Can be included in Mölnlycke® Procedure Trays to support OR efficiency

Available Sizes:

• Molnlycke BARRIER Adhesive Aperture Drape 60 x 75 cm 50s (REF: 906540)

• Molnlycke BARRIER Adhesive Aperture Drape 75 x 90 cm 40s (REF: 906542)

• Molnlycke BARRIER Adhesive Aperture Drape 50 x 60 cm 75s (REF: 906693)

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