Molnlycke BARRIER Ophthalmic Set REF: 903165

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BARRIER Ophthalmic drapes

Range of impermeable and fluid-repellent solutions for specific procedures

BARRIER ophthalmic drapes

BARRIER® drapes for ophthalmic surgery support patient safety with efficient and effective infection control.

We offer a wide variety of different drapes and sets to suit the needs of different procedures, including major eye surgery, cataracts and squint correction.

We’ve carefully considered patient comfort for local anaesthesia procedures – with a flexible nose bridge that facilitates breathing. 

  • Drape designed to fit surgery on either eye  
  • Integrated fluid collection pouch   
  • Integrated incise film – available both with and without aperture
  • All-in-one solutions are easy and convenient for one person to drape
  • Our drapes can be included in Mölnlycke ® Procedure Trays to support operating room efficiency

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