Molnlycke BARRIER Sterile Surgical Gown Classic SP Size M / L 50s (REF: 97000518 / 97000519)

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BARRIER® Surgical gowns Classic are available in Standard and High Performance gowns and suitable for most procedures. BARRIER surgical gowns Classic are made from a breathable, textile-like, spunlace material that is comfortable to wear.

They are ergonomic too. Shoulder pleats allow freedom of movement for the upper body and the ergonomic sleeves allow comfort and freedom of movement. The gown cuff is compatible with Biogel® gloves, preventing the gloves from sliding off.

Choose our High Performance gown with impermeable front and sleeves for added protection against strike-through.

  • Ergonomic fit, enables freedom of movement
  • Breathable, textile-like spunlace material is comfortable to wear
  • Specially treated to repel low-tension surface fluids
  • Available in Standard or – for added protection against strike-through – High Performance
  • Our gown can be included in Mölnlycke® Procedure trays to support OR Efficiency

Mölnlycke BARRIER® steril surgical gown Classic Standard Performance. Includes 2 hand towels. Wrapped.

Size M. Length 121 cm, width 134 cm.

Size L: Length 131 cm

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