Molnlycke Granulox Hemoglobin Spray 12ml

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A topical hemoglobin-based spray for the treatment of chronic wounds 

Granulox® is an oxygenating spray for the treatment of chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, arterial leg ulcers, and mixed leg ulcers for the secondary healing of surgical wounds and pressure sores. It can also be used in the healing of sloughy and infected wounds.

When Granulox is sprayed on a wound, highly purified haemoglobin is released. This binds with oxygen from the environment and diffuses through the wound exudate, and the haemoglobin supplies the base of the wound topically with oxygen. The oxygen supply to the base of the wound supports wound healing and patient outcomes.

A convenient spray application makes Granulox a portable and easy-to-use adjunct to standard of care wound treatment. Granulox can be applied when the wound dressing is changed, and at least every three days for optimal results.

Studies report that using Granulox results in shorter healing time, reduced pain scores and total cost savings for healthcare providers compared to standard of care.

  • Twice as many chronic wounds healed at 8–16 weeks compared to standard of care
  • Time to heal diabetic foot ulcers 50% shorter than with standard of care 
  • Treatment costs in diabetic foot ulcers are at least 40% lower than with standard of care
  • More than 70% of patients reported lower average pain scores at four weeks than with standard of care in chronic wounds
  • 99% less slough in chronic wounds after 4 weeks compared to 33% with standard of care


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