MEDPRO™ Nurses' New Adjustable Waist Pouch | Sling Bag

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MEDPRO™ Nurses' New Adjustable Waist Pouch | Sling Bag is a versatile and compact solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of healthcare professionals. With its unisex design and multifunctional features, this bag offers practicality and style for those in the medical field.

Key Features:

  1. Unisex Design: The HealthPro Medical Belt Bag is thoughtfully designed for both men and women, ensuring a versatile and inclusive accessory for healthcare professionals.

  2. Compact Size: Measuring at 16 x 2.5 x 23cm, this bag strikes the perfect balance between compactness and functionality. It provides ample space for essential medical equipment without being bulky.

  3. Pattern Type: Can be Used as a Waist Pouch or Sling Bag: The bag features a versatile design that can be worn as a waist pouch or a sling bag.

  4. Belt Bag Structure: The bag is equipped with several compartments on both the front and back, providing organized storage for multiple medical instruments and accessories.

Size: Dimensions: 16 x 2.5 x 23cm

Colors Available: Black, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink

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