Organic Cassia Seeds Tea (Jue Ming Zi Tea)

Organic Cassia Seeds Tea (Jue Ming Zi Tea)

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No artificial flavouring | No artificial colouring | No sulphur dioxide | No preservatives

Cassia is the native tree of the tropics. During fall months, Cassia seeds are harvested and these are sun dried before use. Cassia seed helps improve vision, removes intensive heat from the liver and provides nourishment to large intestine and also smooths the bowel movement.

Cassia seeds are bitter, sweet and salty in flavour. Cassia seed extract is beneficial in problems related to intestine, liver, large intestine and vision. The seed extract is also used as an caffeine-free alternative to coffee due to their similarity in taste and aroma.

Ingredients: Organic Jue Ming Zi (Cassia Seeds)

Net Weight: 200g (10g x 20bags)