MEDPRO™ U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow (Machine Washable Zipper Cover)

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MEDPRO™ U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – your ideal companion for pregnancy support, relaxation, and versatile comfort. Crafted from soft cotton material, this multi-functional pillow is designed to cater to various needs during pregnancy and beyond. Whether you're sleeping, nursing, reading, or just relaxing, the contoured U-Shape provides optimal support to keep your body relaxed.

Key Features:

  1. Cotton Material for Comfort: The pillow is made of soft and comfortable cotton material.

  2. Multi-Functional Design: The MEDPRO™ U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow serves multiple purposes – it's perfect for sleeping, nursing, reading, or simply unwinding. Its versatile design adapts to different needs, ensuring a comfortable experience during various activities.

  3. Contoured U-Shape for Support: The U-Shape of the pillow is contoured to provide ideal support for the user's sides and back. This helps in maintaining proper alignment and comfort, contributing to a more relaxed and restful experience.

  4. Removable Washable Zipper Cover: The pillow comes with a removable zipper cover, allowing for easy washing and maintenance. Keep your pillow fresh and clean effortlessly, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable sleeping environment.

Filling: Cotton
Size: 140 x 80cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Colour Options: Light Grey or Light Pink

Versatile Applications:

  • Ideal for pregnant women seeking additional support
  • Suitable for nursing, reading, and relaxation
  • A comfortable accessory for post-pregnancy recovery

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