Sterile Medical Full Isolation Gown 1pc/bag [FDA, CE Certified] PPE

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Name Sterilized Coverall Protective Clothing Protection Suit
Material/Fabric SMS (Standard material for making protective clothing)

Full Jumpsuit consists of a hooded top and trousers, no shoe cover.

Scope of application Suitable for clinical staff to provide barriers & protection in the work environment with the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions.

Type &

Using places

Medical Grade Sterilized medical type suitable for use in;

1) Hospitals

2) Outpatient clinics

3) Testing laboratories

4) Ambulances

Can also be used in;

1) Government epidemic prevention area

2) Community epidemic prevention area

3) Food factory

4) Pharmacy

5) Food supermarket

6) Bus station epidemic prevention checkpoint

7) Train station epidemic checkpoint

8) Airport epidemic checkpoint

9) Seaport epidemic checkpoint

10) Landport epidemic checkpoint

11) Other Public Epidemic checkpoints


Ways to wear protective clothing

1) Expand protective clothing;

2) Pull the zipper apart;

3) Put into the legs from the zipper opening in turn;

4) Wear the upper coat

5) Stick hands out of sleeves;

6) Wear hooded;

7) Pull the zipper from the front of the chest;

8) Tear off the off-type paper on the double-sided adhesive and press the seal from top to bottom.


How to remove the gown?
When not in use, the removed gown with the contamination facing inward is rolled into a package and placed in a medical waste container or in a recycling bag.

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