Chair Anti-Slide Down Sheet Uni-directional Slide Sheet (Re-position patient on the chair easily) ★Spain Medicare System

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Make comfortable, safe and easy lifting of patients to a better seating position on the armchair or wheelchair, without sliding down on the seat.

Product Description

Size: 130 x 45 cm
Colour: Blue and orange/red interior
Composition: Exterior 100% PA, Padded Interior 100% PES Interior 80% PA – 20%CO
Product Origin: Made in Spain
Packaging: 1 padded unidirectional slide sheet /opp bag

This Unidirectional slide sheet is used for postural correction of seated patients either on wheelchairs or armchairs. 
This unidirectional material can only slide in one direction and thus, prevents the patient from sliding forward on the seat. 

This allows the caregiver to reposition the patient easily and smoothly.

The unidirectional (one way) sliding material is made of padded tubular, sandwich with a soft touch fabric and sliding fabric interior to prevent the patient from sliding forward.

Made in Spain, Medpro is the Authorized Sole-distributor in Singapore.

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