MEDPRO™ Shoe Sanitizer Mat | Shoe Disinfectant Dispensing Tray Mat + FREE Anti-slip Microfiber Mat!

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(Disinfectant Concentrated Solution 5Litres Sold separately, can be used up to 1000times with this mat. Mixture: 5mls Concentrate + 500mls Water into 1 Mat)


The Study [Source:]

“From February 19 through March 2, 2020, we collected swab samples from potentially contaminated objects in the ICU and GW as described previously (5). The ICU housed 15 patients with severe disease and the GW housed 24 patients with milder disease. We also sampled indoor air and the air outlets to detect aerosol exposure. Air samples were collected by using a SASS 2300 Wetted Wall Cyclone Sampler (Research International, Inc., https://www.resrchintl.comExternal Link) at 300 L/min for of 30 min. We used sterile premoistened swabs to sample the floors, computer mice, trash cans, sickbed handrails, patient masks, personal protective equipment, and air outlets. We tested air and surface samples for the open reading frame (ORF) 1ab and nucleoprotein (N) genes of SARS-CoV-2 by quantitative real-time PCR. (Appendix).


Almost all positive results were concentrated in the contaminated areas (ICU 54/57, 94.7%; GW 9/9, 100%); the rate of positivity was much higher for the ICU (54/124, 43.5%) than for the GW (9/114, 7.9%) (Tables 1, 2). The rate of positivity was relatively high for floor swab samples (ICU 7/10, 70%; GW 2/13, 15.4%), perhaps because of gravity and air flow causing most virus droplets to float to the ground. In addition, as medical staff walk around the ward, the virus can be tracked all over the floor, as indicated by the 100% rate of positivity from the floor in the pharmacy, where there were no patients. Furthermore, half of the samples from the soles of the ICU medical staff shoes tested positive. Therefore, the soles of medical staff shoes might function as carriers. The 3 weak positive results from the floor of dressing room 4 might also arise from these carriers. We highly recommend that persons disinfect shoe soles before walking out of wards containing COVID-19 patients.”


MEDPRO™ shoe sanitizer mats are Shoe Disinfectant Dispensing Mats, aka Shoe dip mats are designed to easily deliver disinfectant to the bottoms and treads of shoes and boots. Simple to use, it has been independently lab tested and proved to be an effective Shoe Sanitizer Delivery System for reducing the spread of the germs (MRSA and many others) targeted by the sanitizer/disinfectant of your choice.

By adding the Sanitizer of your choice (Sanitizer not included in the set. No chlorine products please as they will stain and deteriorate both the insert and rubber base mat), the MEDPRO™ deep Mat is an effective germ killing sanitizer dispensing system, diminishing the cross contamination of germs when used as directed in commercial/industrial applications such as:

Public Transport Entrances, Hospitals & Wards, Office Buildings, Lift Entrances, Mall entrances, School Entrances, Food Processing/Manufacturing/Packaging and many other applications.

Each set consist of:

1x Disinfectant Mat with Tray & 1x Anti-slip Microfiber Drying Mat.
Total Weight: 4kg.

MEDPRO™ Disinfection Mats work under hydraulic pressure and as a person moves over the mat, the disinfection solution is pushed up into the tread of the footwear. This method ensures thorough sanitization into all areas of possible contamination.
(Disinfectant Concentrated Solution 5Litres Sold separately, can be used up to 1000times with this mat. Mixture: 5mls Concentrate + 500mls Water into 1 Mat)

How to Use?
1) Place the mat at the entrance on a smooth level surface
2) Pre-mix the liquid to the required strength
3) Pour the liquid gently over the mat, fill until the mat is saturated and the liquid appears lightly on the mat
4) Change the disinfecting solution once every 2 days or every 1 hour if used intensively

How to Clean?
1) Prepare a big pail to contain the dirty liquid and a plastic bag to store the dirty mat
2) Wear gloves, be careful to roll up the mat to release excess liquid into the pail
3) Dispose of contents safely and responsibly
4) Place mat on edge and hose thoroughly, leave to drain or hang on a rail to dry
5) Clean the rubber mat every week with a brush.
6) When not in use, store in a dry area.
7) The effectiveness of your mat will diminish if left in a dirty state




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