MEDPRO™ DELUXE 4" 3 Channels Anti-Decubitus / Pressure Relief Alternating Air Pressure Air Mattress with Digital Mode Pump & CPR Release

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DELUXE MEDPRO™  Anti-Decubitus / Pressure Relief Alternating Air Pressure Air Mattress with Digital Mode Pump & CPR Release T05P09


This Alternating Air Pressure Mattress uses pressure redistribution therapy to stimulate our body's blood flow. The Air Bubble Cells inflate and deflate slowly at a predetermined and adjustable cycle.


The traditionally accepted method of pressure sore control is to turn the patient at regular intervals and to observe the areas of risk regularly
Alternating pressure mattress is intended to compliment this treatment, observation of the patient and turning when necessary should still be considered as part of the treatment

Specially made for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage II to IV in short-term and domiciliary therapies, providing the ultimate relief to users


Alternating Mode: Default mode when powered up. Pressure cycle alternates between cells. Suitable for resting, provides better airflow & blood circulation, reduces trapped heat and humidity for the user.

2 of 3 air channels will be pressurized at all time, providing more support than conventional 2 channel types.

Static: Pressure maintains at 65% of the user's weight settings. Suitable for feeding or when at sitting position. Does NOT return to alternating mode.

Auto Firm: Pressure maintains at 100% of the user's weight. Suitable for for user transfer from bed to sitting. 

Modes can be adjusted accordingly to patient's requirements. Returns to alternating mode after 30 minutes. 


1 Place the air mattress on the bed
2 Hook this compressor pump onto the footboard of the bed
3 Connect the mattress air tubes to this compressor, and ensure the tubes are not kinked to ensure proper airflow between them
4 Connect the plug of this pump to the main power then turn on the switch
5 Adjust the function key "Hard" of this compressor to maximum air flow to fully inflate the mattress quickly
6 Once the mattress is fully inflated, readjust the knob to your desired air pressure

TAKE CARE when operating this electrical equipment.
DO NOT leave it connected to electrical supply when not in use.
DO NOT expose the equipment to high humidity.
DO NOT use corrosive cleaning chemicals such as industrial degreasers or acetic solvents.
DO NOT attempt to relocate this equipment whilst connected to the electrical supply.

CLEANING the Compressor (Pump)

1. Disconnect pump from the main power supply before cleaning.
2. Use a cloth with mild detergent to wipe down, do not use alcohol based product.
3. Ensure set is clean and dry before connecting back to the power supply.

Compressor (pump) maintenance operations must be strictly carried out by a technician authorized and trained by the importer

√ Load Capacity: 145kg
√ Certificates: ISO13485, CE
√ Silent and energy-saving air pump with long life motor suitable for use 24 hours a day
√ Air pump comes with a hook to the bed rail
√ Mattress material is made of Nylon PVC fabric which is durable, breathable, waterproof and easy to clean
√ Inflated time: Within 20mins
√ Size: Single bed size 
80”(L) x34”(W)x 4.5”(H)



Item: APP-P09

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

Air Output: 6 liter/min.

Pressure Range: 14 mmHg - 62mmHg

Alternating Time: 21 mins.

Function:Low voltage indication,Remote control,

Unlock,Seating,Static,Alarm, Auto firm

Size: 27cm(L) x 13cm(W) x 9cm(H)


Warranty: 12 months against manufacturing defects

Please refer to user manual for detailed specifications and instructions.

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