MEDPRO™ Multi-Functional Wedge Pillow with Cooling Gel

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MEDPRO™ Multi-Functional Wedge Pillow is made of high-quality sponge material designed to comfortably support and elevate the user's head or feet. It can resist slipping and sliding for secure positioning. It is a versatile wedge pillow that can offer support and relief for a range of conditions such as acid reflux, promote blood circulation or for safe repositioning of the user. The custom-made flex grid cooling gel stays cool to the touch and allows air to circulate underneath. It comes with a removable zipper cover for easy washing.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Sponge Material: The MEDPRO™ Multi-Functional Wedge Pillow is crafted from high-quality sponge material, offering a comfortable and supportive experience. The sponge adapts to your body shape, ensuring a restful and soothing elevation for your head or feet.

  2. Versatile Support Functions:

    • Head or Feet Elevation: Provides comfortable support and elevation for the head or feet, catering to various needs.
    • Slip-Resistant Design: The wedge pillow is designed to resist slipping and sliding, ensuring secure positioning during use.
  3. Custom-Made Flex Grid Cooling Gel: The pillow features a custom-made flex grid cooling gel that stays cool to the touch. This cooling gel enhances comfort and allows air to circulate underneath, creating a refreshing sleeping or resting experience.

  4. Versatile Applications:

    • Acid Reflux Relief: Ideal for individuals seeking relief from acid reflux.
    • Blood Circulation: Promotes better blood circulation, offering health benefits.
    • Safe Repositioning: Assists in safe and comfortable repositioning of the user.
  5. Removable Washable Zipper Cover: The pillow comes with a removable washable zipper cover, making it easy to keep your pillow clean and fresh. Enjoy the convenience of effortless maintenance for a hygienic sleeping environment.

  6. Size: 82cm x 60cm x 18cm: The dimensions of the pillow are carefully designed for optimal comfort and versatility. With a size of 82cm x 60cm x 18cm, the pillow caters to various support needs while providing ample surface area.

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