NEW 4L Water Distiller with Glass Collection Jug (6 Months Warranty)

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Water distillers produce highly treated and disinfected water for drinking, cooking and other household uses.

The distillation process removes minerals and microbiological contaminants and can reduce levels of chemical contaminants. Water distillers are neither intended to treat water that is visually contaminated nor intended to convert waste water into safe, drinkable water.


Material of Outer Housing: PP Food Grade Plastic
Material of Boiling Chamber: 304 Stainless Steel
Material of Steam Chamber: 304 Stainless Steel
Function: Auto Shut Off Function


Power: 750W
Voltage & Frequency: 220V/50Hz
Distillation Capacity: 1L/Hr
Boiling Chamber Capacity: 4L
Collection Jug Capacity: 4L
Colour: White
Size: 40cm x 24cm x 38cm
Cut Off Temperature: 155°C
Plug Type: UK Plug Suitable For Use in SG

Package Includes:
1 x Distiller
1 x Glass Collection Jug
1 x Collection Jug Cover
1 x Main Power Cable
1 x English User Manual

How to wash: Fill the container with half cup of vinegar + 1 cup of hot distilled water for 15mins. Then add the same amount of cold water and left it overnight for the residue on the bottom of the container to dissolve.

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